Inviting Brunei to invest in SCORE

Sarawak pitches 4 hydropower projects to Brunei (The Brunei Times)

Friday, September 30, 2011


SARAWAK is inviting Brunei to participate in the development of four hydropower projects in the northern part of the Malaysian state, an energy official said.
Sarawak Energy Berhad’s Chief Executive Officer Torstein Dale Sjotreit told The Brunei Times the projects are part of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy , which stretches 320km from Bintulu to Mukah in the Malaysian state.
The Sarawak Energy Berhad Group is responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the state of Sarawak.

Sjotreit, who was in the country for the Brunei Energy Expo earlier this month, said the projects are in Lawas and Limbang.

He said construction is slated next year.

“Limbang and Lawas offer independently, two small and two larger sites. There is one small, one large in each of Limbang and Lawas,” he said.

The smaller sites are capable of producing between 40 and 60 megawatts, while the larger sites between 200 and 300 MW, he said.

Sjotreit believes that the four areas could produce as much as 600 MW.

In principle, if Brunei invests in Sarawak’s hydro projects, it would have a renewable energy source for domestic use, he said. “You can export more liquefied natural gas, or oil and gas since you use the renewables (from hydro) for domestic purposes,” which means more export income, he said.

Besides the prospect of obtaining renewable energy, there is also a possibility of human development between Sarawak and Brunei.

“We can develop, exchange and cooperate both in terms of generation and transmission,” he said.

Sjotreit also said Sarawak’s renewable corridor project can offer investment opportunities for Brunei in terms of smelter plants and construction for Bruneian companies.

While saying he has limited knowledge of Brunei’s hydropower capabilities, he said, “It is still a better option to look into co-development with Sarawak in Lawas and Limbang to fulfill renewable energy on the hydropower side.”

He also noted that in terms of renewables, Brunei may have potential in wind and solar.

Previously, the Permanent Secretary of the Energy Department at the Prime Minister’s Office Dato Paduka Hj Matsatejo Sokiaw said that Brunei has little to no capacity in hydropower, especially in comparison with Asean counterparts.

Sjotreit explained the benefits of hydropower is its relatively small environmental impact.

The Brunei Times (September 30, 2011, Friday)


As neighbours on the island or Borneo, it is only natural for us to invite Brunei to invest in SCORE.

As the chief executive of Sarawak Energy pointed out in the above news article, investors from Brunei have many ways in which to take part and take full advantage of the potential of SCORE.

The energy sector in Sarawak could also provide Brunei with various ways in which to diversify its economic activities.

Technically, Limbang and Lawas are too far up north to be considered as part of the official SCORE area, although the projects mentioned by the CEO could be exceptions.

Let’s look for another “win-win” in this for our two countries.

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