Sarawak’s youth must connect with SCORE idea

SCORE lost on youths (The Star)

KUCHING: Youths’ understanding of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) is low, according to a report involving 1,000 respondents that included a large section of university students.

“SCORE’s outreach programmes must include more promotion via online media,” said the Youth Report, which was made available to The Starrecently.

“Online promotion is the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to penetrate the minds of youths and increase awareness of government efforts. Youths must be involved in SCORE for it to be successful.”

The report, which Youth Works Asia prepared based on an eight-month study, said the government had not been doing well in communicating with youths about high-income opportunities.

It also said many youths lacked understanding of what it took to earn a better living.

“Many youths don’t really understand the meaning of high-output and high income beyond the mere understanding of being rich.”

Nonetheless, it added, youths were generally of the opinion that SCORE was a good initiative. “SCORE sparked off much interest, but many lacked knowledge and awareness to properly participate in SCORE discussions.”

Aside from online media, the report recommended that more information be distributed on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The report said Sarawak youths were following a global trend, whereby many were becoming increasing reluctant to read.

“They are no longer interested in reading current news, articles and journals.”

It said youths were going online to express dissatisfaction.

“But this is actually an advantage to the authorities. Authorities should use it to gather feedback and then respond to criticisms. Youths are sensitive towards relationships and authorities can change this ‘relationship’ online.”

The study was concluded in March, Youth Works Asia said.

The respondents were between 18 and 30 years old, mostly from Kuching, Miri and Bintulu. Part of the report released thus far included comments gathered from a non-governmental Youth Transformation Lab, which was held here on March 19.

This lab was attended by 110 people, and among the organisations that took part was Sarawak Bloggers Community. Youth Works Asia, which conducts similar polls in Singapore, will organise more lab gatherings in the months ahead.

The Star (Saturday May 14, 2011)


The findings found that Sarawak’s youth are not too sure about what SCORE is all about.

It actually proves the suspicion that most of us have had about Sarawakians’ level of awareness of SCORE all this while – that it remains very low.

But then again, does this mean Sarawak would have to go on a publicity blitz akin to campaigns done before for Vision 2020 and now for 1Malaysia?

Personally, I don’t think so.

In the coming months and years, SCORE is set to take off in a massive way and I believe that our economic corridor will speak for itself, once the turbines of Bakun and then Murum start to generate power and once the industries start to manufacture their products.

However, when it comes to the youth of Sarawak, the most important thing that the State can do for them is to make sure that they will all be ready to take advantage of all the good things that SCORE is set to bring to our State.

Our youth must be well-prepared for SCORE.

This means they must have the proper training and skills to work in an economy that will be revolve more and more around SCORE.

What troubles me about the findings is that the low-awareness on this generation of youth about SCORE and the possibility that they will miss out on the greatest economic opportunity they will ever witness and experience in Sarawak.

It will be a great tragedy if our youth – the future of Sarawak – fail to benefit from SCORE.

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